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RIAI Ideas for Housing in Ireland


Europan Ireland, Europan 9 | 10 | 11: A Collection of Ideas for Housing in Ireland

Published by the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland (RIAI) this book showcases innovative ideas on housing from architects across Europe for Irish sites proposed in relation to the Pan-European architectural competition 'Europan' in which we were awarded second-place in 2011.

Aimed at architects under 40, the biennial competition is launched simultaneously by several countries on a common theme. Ireland has participated in Europan 9, 10 and 11 with sites in Dublin, Galway, and Cork.

The function of Europan in participating countries is to promote urban studies and experimental projects in the field of housing and to encourage the implementation of such innovative urban processes.

Published 2015

Royal Irish Academy: Art and Architecture of Ireland Volume IV: Architecture 1600-2000


The Art and Architecture of Ireland is a five volume legacy project by the Royal Irish Academy celebrating the visual arts in Ireland.

Edited by Andrew Carpenter, Rolf Loeber, Hugh Campbell, Livia Hurley, John Montague, and Ellen Rowley, Volume IV 'Architecture from C.1600 to C.2000' provides a concise narrative of the last 400 years of Architectural history in Ireland.

Jane Larmour contributed a chapter on 'Bath houses, Spas, Lidos and swimming pools' included in "The Architecture of Recreation and Public Resort".

Volume IV is considered to be,

"The most complete survey of architecture in Ireland ever published. The essays in this volume cover all aspects of Ireland’s built environment, not only buildings but infrastructure, landscape development, public and private construction and much else. The volume challenges and expands the traditional understanding of Irish ‘architecture’, giving novel and exciting interpretations of the field and, by means of many striking illustrations, encourages us to think anew about the environment that surrounds us."

Published 2014