Irish Women in Architecture Exhibition -Irish Embassy, London

Sculpture for exhibition

February 2018

Jane Larmour was invited to design and make a small three-dimensional piece representing her approach to architecture and design for exhibition at the Irish Embassy’s Inaugural St Brigid’s day Celebrations of Women working in Irish Creative Industries.

The piece is made from the discarded offcuts of guitars from an artisan joinery workshop engaged in making handcrafted guitars. The tactile quality of these remnants of handmade guitars focused our minds to the inherent individual beauty of each piece of wood - the grey weathered sheen of the sinker redwood dredged from a Californian river, the pink tones in Honduran rosewood, the intense aroma of a cocktail of woods.

Our approach seeks to find a thoughtful and considered response to each project we encounter. This piece allowed us to study and reflect on the detailed rhythm of materials and their connections in a particular project.