House in the Country

New one-off private house in the countryside.

Completed 2019

Set amidst rolling hills, the site for this new house occupies flat former farmland. We spent time listening to the client’s deep connection to and love of the land in which they have lived all their lives: the views and sounds they enjoy, their thoughts on local building materials, forms and the quality of light.  The house was conceived out of these conversations and aspirations, interweaving shared interests in sustainable environmental intent and a desire to connect with the traditional built heritage in the area. The building references Irish vernacular farmhouses, not only in form, but in the solidity of the northern façade which is designed with a high solid to void ratio.

The ground floor is raised 450mm above ground level forming a protective base for the house. Above this, the volume of the house is clad in Siberian Larch boards and completed with a pitched corrugated galvanised metal roof.  The entrance is carved out of the primary form framing generous views to the landscape beyond.


Photography by Aisling McCoy