Heritage & Conservation 

Arigho Larmour Wheeler’s approach to design, in any context, is a reaction to the surroundings, history, and landscape. We set out to make buildings which are useful and beautiful backdrops against, and with which people's lives can play out, whether at work, rest or play. Core to our practice in this area are the various world conservation charters, which advocate respecting original work and documents, repairing rather than replacing and striving to make new work distinctive and respectful of that which is historical when appropriate. 

We are committed to prolonging the useful lives of buildings in a sustainable and sensitive fashion while supporting and enhancing modern ways of living and working. Recent works include extensions, refurbishments, and alterations to Protected Structures in Blackrock, Donnybrook, and Rathgar in Dublin. 

Mark Arigho is an RIAI Architect accredited in Conservation at Grade III. 

Jane Larmour has a research background in Architectural History.  



At the core of our work is a desire for each project to achieve a high level of sustainability.  Decisions made very early in the design stage regarding shelter, window position, siting, form, and mass drive each scheme towards meeting and exceeding current building standards and best practice. By nature, each project calls for a unique solution and so the initial research and appraisal stage of the budget, brief and site is vital to the overall success.